Jatosti is a photographer of impact and extrapolate reality by depicting the skeleton, visually through lines, shadows, angles and geometric shapes mostly in black and white architectural photographs.  All his photography is the result of a mix of different artistic experiences, from german Expressionist cinema to hard-boiled and noir literature.

Born in Rome, Italy, and has travelled and lived in many countries like Italy, Germany, Spain; his work is poetic as it is visually impactful.  His education has been in fine arts and anthropology.

Projects and Exhibitions

The altered urban identity

Barcelona, Berlin, Sarajevo

2015, Barcelona


Jatosti’s cities seem inhabited just by buildings. They watch each other, they get close, manifesting distance by converging or diverging lines, full, empty. Buildings and monuments have exactly their own identity, that of the historical moment in which they were built.



Ein blick von der stadt

2013, Berlin, Italienische Kulturinstitut

Architecture in black and white draws lines and shapes of an uninterrupted transformation of the city of Berlin.

L’Aquila - The Ghost Town

2011, Sala Egon Von Furstenberg, Palazzo Valentini 



For the first time in Italy, is exposed

℅ the eminent Palazzo Valentini (headquarter of the Province of Rome), the journalistic reportage about the earthquake that completely destroyed the historical center of the city of L’Aquila.

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